The London Museum

I was very impressed with the London Museum and the variety and breadth of displays that they had. The London Museum showcases London History from Roman times to present day.

I thought that the museum did a great job of showing how the different eras in London history connected and flowed into each other. Each exhibit showed a time period on London history and the main political and social features of that time.

I really appreciated the exhibit on the Fire of London of 1666. There was video, and objects that survived the fire that told the story of this great tragedy.

I also really enjoy the Victorian Era and loved the display they had for that. There was a “Pleasure Garden” that had video of different classes and their role in society as well as some outfits that would have been worn. There was also a Victorian Era Street with shops to see some of the different goods that would have been for sale during this time.

The Museum did a great job of using space, even using the floor to display items. There were also different mediums used to display information such as objects, videos, images, interactive displays, models etc. This museum is defiantly worth checking out.


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Working on my MLIS (Masters of Library and Information Science) and have a tremendous love of books and libraries. Works at a city library and hopes to one day make a difference in the library a world. I want this blog to be a place where we can have conversations about what is happening in the book, library, archive and museum world! It is also a place where I will post travel blogs of libraries, archives, and museums that I visit.
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