Bletchley Park

Since the movie the number of people that attend Bletchley Park has risen greatly. This shows that people are interesting in history but benefit from a story. Not everyone has the time to sort through documents and other materials to piece together a story, but when one is in the form of a film, book or interesting exhibit then there is interest.

Bletchley Park tells this story right where the story occurred. It was chosen as it had access by train to London, the North, South, East and West but was not too near that it would be an obvious target by enemy bombing. There were many buildings added to house all the workers working on intercepting enemy messages, translating these messages, cracking them, and archiving/cataloguing them.

I appreciated having the collection spread out around Bletchley park so that I got a feel for what it would have been like. There were interactive displays, interview clips, and objects that told the story of Bletchley Park and what went on in each of the buildings. The work was intense but this small town was bustling with all the people working there. There were many socials and clubs that one could participate in during their time off. The work was intense and demanding but these men and women made the most of it.


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